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Von Brooke serves clients ranging from residential homeowners seeking cameras for security to mobile home parks hoping to view incoming and outgoing traffic. Commercial camera installations include businesses, warehouses, and stores. 


VonBrooke serves a range of clients from small, medium to large businesses. Travel agents, title companies, places of worship and more!  


Structured Cabling

Von Brooke seeks to be the number one provider for cabling during design, build or during remodels.  Von Brooke has experience all over the country with a variety of projects.


Client Testimonials
Von Brooke Telecom installed my cameras after some scary things happened at my home. Lance and Cari heard my concerns, assessed my property, offered my options, purchased the system, painted the cameras to match my eaves, and then installed them in a couple of hours. They helped me obtain the app for my phone and taught me how to watch the cameras on my monitor that they helped install in my home office. A few days later, I had someone enter my home and another enter my backyard through a gate. I knew immediately who the two known intruders were, and I was able to confront them both with video footage. WHEW- peace of mind!


Von Brooke Telecom installed cameras at my commercial warehouses. Lance assessed the property while under construction and provided feedback about cabling, entrances, monitor and office location as well as other pointers. Lance offered several solutions and purchased then installed the system on the warehouse. About a week after installation, we had a break-in and quickly called Lance to secure footage from overnight. The police incident contained specific details because of the clear resolution on the cameras. Thanks, Von Brooke Telecom!!
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